Charismatic and Unique Elements behind Native American Jewelry By: Alyssa Messi

Native American Jewelry actually symbolizes the importance of personal embellishment and decoration and Native American jewelry items usually include bracelets, rings, pins, earrings, necklaces, labrets, wampum and ketohs etc which you may not find in any other part of the world. Usually, only indigenous people living in the United States of American know exactly how they are made in an intricate manner.

 Native American items are famous for its handmade items and if you are a jewelry lover, you can easily tell the difference between the quality of handmade item and a machine-made item. You won’t find the problems such as skin allergies, fragile and easily breakable items, experiencing discoloration soon and finding the interior of the jewelry items of low quality etc in Native American items, which you usually find in machine-made items.

 Handmade Native American items are usually made of materials such as hardwoods, metals, gemstones and vegetal fibers. There are also a few items where animal material is used in the form of bones and teeth. Similarly, beadwork, processed stoners, fabricated steel, titanium, hand-quarried stones and quillwork is also used to enhance the artistic visions of the makers.

 Native American jewelry items are known for reflecting its makers’ history and their diverse and rich cultural diversity although there have been many cases in which people just copied their designs poorly and this activity still continues today. However, KwiiCouture, famous for its contemporary Native American fashion items, is providing the following three elegant and charismatic Native American jewelry items. You can have these items if you love to enjoy the rich cultural diversities and the items which have a particular history behind their making.

1.    Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse Stick is officially Native American made by traditional Mohawk craftsmanship and is available for both men and women. One of the most important features of lacrosse stick is that it is purely handmade and the materials used in it includes Hickory wood, leather and cord.

 Price: $180.US

1.    NEW Native American Sequin Textile


It’s a Native American tribal print made from PowWow Sequins Fabric. Its premium quality, rich embroidery and Turquoise Gold elements make it superior than any other handmade Native American jewelry items.

Price: $42. US

1.    Native American Beadwork

This elegant and charming Native American beadwork is custom made from PowWow Regalia and consists of a hair set, center back piece and 2 BraidTies. It is one of the best handmade Native American Beadwork and its materials includes Bicone, crystal beads, bone bulges, metal hair clips, leather backing, two cut beads, seed and delica beads, Swarovski banding and Swarovski crystal.

Price: $330.US


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