All My Relations & Traditional Lifeways Weekend at Governors Island, NYC

Community and Allies,

I’m writing to let you know about special guests joining us this weekend on Governors Island, to further our conversation about the Great Law of Peace and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

We are honoured to be joined on Saturday & Sunday by Della & Ishi, Traditional Knowledge and Medicine stewards of the Haudenosaunee.

Here is a general schedule of events for the workshop:

Saturday, July 20

First contact with natives including Jamestown Settlement.

Native participation through the Wars, Trail of Tears, Relocation to Reservation style of living.

In the first half of his session, he’ll be discussing history of native peoples then after break he’ll get into our Haudenosaunee history.

Creation Story, 4 Sacred Ceremonies, Clan System, Great Law, Kariwiio and to modern times.

If time permits some Treaty discussions. Throughout his presentation songs will be demonstrated and explained.

followed by social time. Last ferry 10pm.

Sunday, July 21
Noon-5 pm

Plantain Salve Making
Discuss Medicine Protocols
Medicine Wheel Teachings
followed by social time. Last ferry 6pm.

On behalf of the American Indian Community House we are focused on developing and reintroducing ‘Traditional Lifeways and All My Relations” principles and practices of the land we walk upon in a good way. We hope you can make the time to attend, and carry forth the knowledge in all you do, for your spiritual well being, and the next generations.

IakowiNe, Snipe Clan of The Haudenosaunee

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