Mohawk Coterie -

Fashion Apparel, Accessories, workshops, and maker day camps is in its sixth year of Programming. The program is tailored to build a bridge for young/beginner Native American designers into the Mainstream Fashion Industry.

KwiioCouture Collection -

Traditional teachings, maker skills and heritage passed down from generations transformed into modern renditions of cultural representation.  Each piece is personal, thought out and encapsulates the feeling at the moment of culmination. She captures fashion and seizes Native-style, fuses them together in easy to wear and always complimentary designs.

Kahnastatsi Reads-  

A Snipe clan elder of the Akwesasne community who wants to pass down what she has experienced and learned throughout her life's journey. A series of published memoirs and stories shared to inspire our  younger generation of Native youth.  Kahnastatsi's  memoirs will be told in 4 different Native languages including Kanienkehake/Mohawk, English, Cree and Ojibway. Her first book will be released this summer (2021), she will embark on expanding her series into more Indigenous languages and memoirs to contribute to the greater need of interpreted Indigenous reading across Turtle Island. 

Our Mission...
To create solid and sustainable foundation of contemporary Native-Made fashion, art and literature to enter both the local and international marketplace. MohawkCoterie will cultivate, inspire and host new and existing makers by creating pathway's of empowered solutions. Our workshops teach skills, explore individual and group projects while also providing tools and materials. We will provide makers and designers with multiple channels of retail distribution. Mohawk Coterie will be a haven for brand creation and professional development and networking. We will manifest and sustain visibility and inclusion which in turn will be economically impactful for our community.  

Iako:wihe`ne- She Gathers and Organizes people

Yah' go wee`heh' neh'

Iakowi:he’ne’ Oakes is a Kanien:ke’ha’/Mohawk woman, mother, cultural curator, leader, advocate, producer, coach, artist, designer and athlete. She was born and raised in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, a reservation that straddles the border of New York, Ontario and Quebec. Her experience and intentions are focused on Nation building, maintaining and strengthening sovereignty; stewardship, economic development, social justice, culture and the arts. 

Her grandparents and parent’s survival of systemic genocide and violent Residential School abuse has bestowed her the opportunity to complete multiple certificates and degree’s in Design, Business, Coaching and Tourism. Her interests and abilities are limitless, and her studies range from Fashion Design, Leather Design, Business Administration (BBA), Coaching, and Cultural Heritage Tourism. She had the opportunity to study in Montreal, New York City, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 

Iakowi:he’ne’, was raised from an early age to stand and protect.  From a young age, she participated in conflicts lead by the Rotisken'rakéhte verses the US and Canadian governments over land and environmental protection. Rotisken'rakéhte is also known as the Mohawk Warrior Society. She is Kaneinkehake, they are the Keepers of the Eastern Door in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. From the Oka Crisis, International Bridge shutdowns, Idle No More, Two Row Wampum Renewal, NODAPL, The Climate March, and the Land Back movement, she has been progressively organizing, advocating and cultivation change consistently. 

She is the Founder and Director of the North American Indigenous Center of New York: (for) Culture, Equity and Economic Development. The Chief Executive Officer of Mohawk Coterie at Mohawkcoterie.com. Iakowi:he’ne’ is a cultural curator and producer of COVID 19 Relief Programs for Indigenous community, Premier Native Theater, FIT Native workout Series, Sacred Space gatherings for elders, Womens Empowerment Gatherings, weekly online community activities, Socials, Language Forums, Community Feasts, Cultural Symposiums, and Traditional to contemporary Native American Arts and design workshop (series), lectures, panels and seminars. 

Who she is, Rotisken'rakéhte and this means Awareness, Unity and Resistance. Her life’s purpose is to advocate for Onkwehonwe 1) Freedom 2) Peace 3) justice.  Iakowi:he’ne’ means “She organizes and/or Gathers People”, she is always forging forward.  While doing so she applies the Kaienarakowa, the Great Law of Peace, and Kariwiio, the Good Mind principles and practices to all she does.