About Iakowi:he'ne'

Iako:wihe`ne- She Gathers and Organizes people

Yah' go wee`heh' neh'

 (Mohawk language, the name was given by ClanMother through Ceremony)

The founder is a Mohawk woman known as Iakowi:he'ne' of the Snipe-clan family, she resides in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory and New York City. . She was born and raised on an Iroquois reservation bordering Canada and the United States.

She is the newly appointed Executive Director of the American Indian Community House in NYC established in 1969. 

Iakowi:he'ne' has always pursued and in-depth cultural exploration of Northern and Southern Tribal Art and Design. However, her studies were never limited to Native American Culture, she also studied and accomplished various degree’s and certifications in Fashion Design, Business, Athletics and Leadership. Through her tribe and sheer determination Iakowihe`ne had the opportunity to study in Montreal, New York City, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

With such immense opportunity, and acquired knowledge through her education, and accomplishments she finds artistic inspiration reflective of her global perspective through art, fashion, action, economics, community and business.

Mohawk Coterie - Fashion Apparel, Accessories, workshops, and maker day camps is in its sixth year of Programming. The program is tailored to build a bridge for young Native American designers into the Mainstream Fashion Industry.

KwiioCouture Collection - Each piece is personal, thought out and encapsulates the feeling at the moment of culmination. She captures fashion and seizes Native-style, fuses them together in easy to wear and always complimentary designs.

Our Mission...
To create a solid and sustainable foundation of Contemporary Native-Made Fashion to enter both local and the global marketplace. MohawkCoterie will cultivate and inspire the maker in you, and create a pathway to submerge prepared and confident into Retail. As a developing Collective, the main goal is to Vertically Integrate: teaching skills and providing tools and materials. We will create designers and sustain multiple channels of retail distribution for them. Mohawk Coterie will be a haven for brand creation and professional development and networking that will manifest and sustain future makers and designers.